1. Start by going up in View ... Studio ... and tick Assets

Now you have Assets on screen

To import an Assets, follow these:

Touch the small icon ... Import Assets. Look at the yellow fingers:


Browse for the assets you want to import

Double-click the file you want to import. It should automatically come in


You can create your own Category for your own Assets

2. In the Assets panel, tap the small icon (see green finger) and tap Create New Category

It creates a Category without a name

3. You must rename the Category yourself, and you will do so:
4. Go to thelittle icon again, and pres: Rename Category
5. A box will appear, enter your chosen name and press ok. If you can't press ok then press Space once
You can create your own Assets, and you do this:

You use the things you have made, or make some new ones

6. For example, you have drawn a sheet with multiple layers and grouped them into a group (Group in the Layer panel)
7. Select the group layer by tapping the layer
8. Touch the small icon at the subfolder ... and Add from Selection