Blue Stars


1. Create a new Document 1500 x 900 

Zoom out so you can see your image 

2. Shapes Rectangel: Make a Rectangel around your Image 

3. Create a new Layer

4. Flood Fill Tool: Fill with black colour

5. In the bottom of layer panel: pres on  the hourglass ... look red arrows on the screen image here under: 

in what appears: press:  Add noise:


Settings like here under:

 Pres Merge

6. Layer panel: drag the Noise layer down under the layer with the rectangel ... drop it to the right

of the small image on the layer

Now it should look like this: If the layers are closed, then open on the small gray triangle like here:


7. Pres on the layer under the Rectangel

8. Layer panel in the bottom : pres on Adjustment .. in what appears: press level

9. And now you have to zoom in to 100% ... You do this with  the mouse scroll, or in View above

 Set Gamma to 0, and set Black Level: set Level as you thought.

The higher the number, the more stars disappear there

Close down in the cross

10. Pres on the Rectangel ... right-click ... Rasterize

11. Go op to Select ... Tonal Range ... Select Highlights

12. Leave the selection on until otherwise stated

13. Go up in Select ... Grow/Shrink ... set Radius to 2 and pres Apply

14. Go up in Select ... Feather ... set Radius to 2 and pres Apply 

15. Flood Fill Tool ... Settings like here under. Remember no dheck in Cortiguous

16. Zoom in, and fill the selection with colour: 00BADA 

17. Go up to Edit ...  Copy 

18. Go to File ... New from Clipboard 

Stand on the new image

19. Go op to Select ... Tonal Range ... Select Highlights

Now is middle of the stars selected

20. FLood fill with white colour

21 Go up to Select ... Deselect 

22. Save as png 

I set my stars on a blue background, and the layer Blend: Colour Dodge