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Import Styles Category
Open tubes in Affinity Photo, and the texture

1. Create a new 800 x 585 pixel document

2. Rectangle Tool: Make a rectangle around your image

3. Go to the Styles panel ... Category ... Angelwind ... Angelw

4. Layer panel: right-click on the layer ... Rasterise

5. Open the texture from the Material ... right-click on it ... Copy

6. Go over to your work image again ... right click on it ... Paste

7. In the Layer panel ... set the layer Blend: Luminosity and Opacity: 75

8. In the Layer panel: Press the top layer ... right-click...  Merge Down and close the layer by removing the notch on the layer

9. Create a new layer

10. Flood Fill with black color

11. Open the tube ... hjoerne rehder

12. Right-click on the tube ... Copy

13. Go back to your work image ... right click on image ... Paste

14. Layer panel ... press the layer ... Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and press j 7 times so you have a total of 8

 Smoke them approx. as below, or as you thought:

They do not have to sit in the same places as on mine, they still do not become the same


15. In the Layer panel: Close the black layer


16. In the Layer panel: Tap the top layer ... right-click Merge Visible

17. Open the black layer, the same place where you closed it

18. In the Layer panel: Select all layers between the black layer and the top ... press Delete on your keystroke

19. Press the top layer and go up to Filters ... Distort ... Mirror: try the settings until you have a flower and press Apply.

You can tap directly on the image, hold and move it before pressing Apply.

Or you can move the slider and change the direction. I've done both, and it's fun to play with

The result of mine was this flower that I will use for my image:

20. Layer panel: press at the layer with flowers ... right-click ... Rasterise
21. Eraser Tool   settings like here below ... 

erase everything around the flower so that only it is left


22. Layer panel ... press the layer ... Hold down CTRL on your keystroke and press j  4 times so that you have a total of 5 flowers

 Pull them together as below:


23. Shape ... Rectangel Tool: Draw a thin rectangle ... white color so long that it extends beyond your flowers

24. Move Tool ... move the table into place just above the flowers

25. Layer panel ... right-click ... Duplicate

26. With the Move Tool: move the new table under the flowers ... now mine looks like this:

27. Select all layers except the black layer ... højreklik ... Group
28. On the group layer ... right-click ... Rasterise
29. Selections tool ... Rectangel ... make 2 selections like here below:

30. In the Layer panel ... press the layer with the flower table ... Press Delete on your keystroke

31. Go up in Select ... Deselect

32. In the Layer panel: right-click on the black layer ... delete

33. In Layer panel: Open the background layer and press the layer with the flowers

34. Move Tool: adapt flower size , 

of the flower border and turn the table on the handle

 put it in the upper left corner as below:


35. Go to the layer palette ... right click ... Duplicate

36. Press on on your keystroke ... go up in Arrange ... Flip Vertical
37. Put borders in place in the lower left corner
38. Layer panel ... right-click on the layer ... Merge Dovn
39. Go to layer panel... right-click ... Duplicate

40. Go up in Arrange ... Flip Horizontal, and move in place on the right side

41. Layer panel ... right-click  on the layer  ... Merge Down
42. Layer panel ... right-click  ... Rasterise & Trim. Now it looks like this:
43. Go up in Filters ... Sharpen ... Unsharp Mask ... settings  here og tryk Apply
44. Layer panel i bunden ... Tryk på fx
45. .  Check in Outher Shadow and press the line so it is active. Set settings
Remember to check in:  ... ??To change color; press at the color box ...

In what appears, press the small black triangle ... select RGB Hex Sliders and insert the color code 4040ff ... 

see yellow finger here below right

46. Open the tube: nature ... right-click the tube  ... Copy
47. Go over to your work image again ... right click on it ... Paste
48. Move Tool: make the tube larger to fit in the middle
49. In the Layer panel: press at the top layer 
50. Put the last three tubes on ... in the same way as before
51. Take the Move Tool and move the tubes in place so you can still see the 2 white birds in the background.

52. Layer panel: layer with the angel: set layer Opacity 85

Stå på øverste lag ... right-click  ... Merge Visible
53. Go up in Filters ... Noise ... Denoise ... settings like here and press Apply
54. Layer panel: Create a new layer
55. Go up in Select ... Select all

56. Go to Select ... Outline ... set these settings and press Apply:

Remember that it is Inside that must be in Alignment

57. Flood Fill: fill the selection with color that matches the image
58. Layer panel in the bottom ... press n fx
59.  Check in 3D and press so it is active. set settings
Remember  check in  
60. Set your name on your image and export your image
or save it