Almond Shrubs 

Download the material here:


Before you begin, import the Styles category. If you do not know how to do,

then you can see it on the link below.

1. Create a new Document 950 x 550 pixels

2. Shape ... Rectangel Tool:
Draw a rectangle around the image
3. Go to Styles panel ... Category Almond ... press bg1
4. Layer panel ... right-click ... Rasterise
5. Go up in Filters ... Gausian blur ... set Radius to 100, and press Apply
6. Open the Star_jr file from the material ... right-click on it ... Copy

7. Go to your work image ... right click on the image ... Paste

8. With Move Tool Drag and push , it to fit the image
9. Layer panel:  set  the layer Blend: Screen. It should now look like this:

10. In the Layer panel ... right-click on the layer ... Merge Down


11. In the Bottom of the Layer panel tap Live, see yellow finger, and in what appears, press on Halftone:


12. This below appears ... set settings. Remember to set blend Mode to: Soft Light

 for below, and press Merge

13. Shape ... Rectangel Tool: 
Draw a rectangle around your image
14. Go to Styles panel  ... Category: Mandel ... press : Frame
15. Layer panel: right-click ... Duplicate

16. Transform : if it is not there, then go up in View ... press Studio ... find and tick in Transform

If you do not see Transform, look where the Layer panel is.

Standing on the duplicate layer: set settings as below

17. Layer panel ... select the top two layers and go up in Geometry above ... press subtract ... see yellow finger below:


Now you should see a frame on the picture

18. Press   in  the bottom of Layer panel. Set tick in 3D, and in: Scale with Object
Press Close
19. Layer panel ...

19. In the Layer panel ... press the bottom layer below the frame

20. Open  one of the tubes with flowers ... right-click ... Copy

21. Go to your work image ... Right click on the image ... Paste

Move it into place

22. Copy / Paste in the same way as before

23. Open the tube with the girl and Copy / Paste in the same way as before, and move in place

24. Open the tubes with the pigeons in the same way, and move in place

25. Layer panel: Set both pigeon layers to Blend: Hard Light

26. With the Move Tool ... move the tubes into place and adjust sizes as you like

27. In the Layer panel: select all tube layers ... right-click Group

28. Mens du står på Group laget ... press on   at the bottom of the Layer panel.

Check in Outher Shadows ... settings as here below, and  close

29. Set your name on the picture
30. Layer panel: on the top layer ... right-click ... Merge Visible, and Save