Fur Ball

Download the material here:

Before you begin: Import Styles and Brushes category

If you do not know how to import, then you can see it here:



If you do not have Transform in the panels, do the following:

Go up in View for above ... Studio ... tick Transform 

Now Transform should be in the panel in the same place as the Layer panel or Color panel


1. Create a new document 1000 X 1000 px 

2. Shapes ... Rectangel Tool : draw a rectangle around your image

3. Styles panel ... Category: Fur_Ball ...  Style: Background

4. Shapes: Ellipse Tool: draw a Ellipse

5. Go to Transform in the panel ... settings as below

Press return on your keystroke to exit

6. Styles panel ... Category: Fur_Ball ...  Style: Ball

7. Layer panel: right-click on the Ellipse layer... Rasterise

8. Go up in Pixel Personas ... see red arrow below:

9. Go to Brushes panel ... Category: Fur_ball ... Ball 

10.  Contextbar on the top ... settings as here :

11. Pull from the edge and out all the way around. Mine now looks like this:


12.  Shapes: Segment Tool : draw a Shapes as here below

 Above ... press  Convert to Curves: 

13. Press  a on your keystroke, this is the shortcut to the Node Tool

Grasp the middle at the bottom edge and push into shape

14. Style panel: Category ... Fur_Ball ... Eyewhite


15. Shapes: Ellipse Tool: make an ellipse

16. Gradient: Styles category: Fur_ball: ...  Eye Iris ( see image to the left below )


17. Ellipse Tool: drag an ellipse inside the other ellipse as you see in the image above right

18. Gradient: Style: Fur_Ball ... Pupil ... see the image above to the right

19. Create yet another Ellipse smaller than the other. Gradient: Style: Inner. See picture below to the left

20. Make 3 small white ellipses as below right


21. Select all Ellipse layers ... Press CTRL + G on your keystroke to group the layers into a group

22. Drag the Group layer down under the Segment layer ... release the mouse button on the right side of the layer's small image,

on the line between the layers. See red dot below:


Now it looks like below. When you release the layer behind the image, it is put into the other layer,

and gets the same shape as the layer it is put into. The rest disappears

Mine looks like this:

 23. Shapes: Segment Tool ...drag  a Shapes on the top of the eye

24. Above: Convert to Curve ... shape with Node. See picture below to the left

Gradient ... Styles: Fur_ball ... Eyelid   



25. Layer panel: drag the layer down so that it sits like this at the bottom right



26. Node Tool: Go up in the Context line ... tpress the line ( see yellow finger below the text )

In what comes out: the width (red finger) ... the width is the thickness of the line, you change it as you like

27. Press on Pressure ( blue finger )

28. Take and hold the corner and drag into the bottom 

29. Press at the bottom in the middle ... a small square is formed .... pull it up like here 

Mine looks like this

30.  Pencil Tool: draw a black line on the lower part of the eyelid

31. Go up in Layer ... Expand Stroke

32. Select the layer with the eye and the layer with the eyelashes ... right-click ... Group

33. Layer panel ... right-click ... Duplicate

34. Press the Move Tool to activate it

Go upstairs press Flip Horizontal ... see the yellow finger below:

35. Pull your eyes into place

36. Select the 3 white ellipses on one eye ... right click ... Group

37. Go upstairs press Flip Horizontal as before

Now they would like to sit like this


38. Shapes: Ellipse Tool ... Make an ellipse like this, or like you thought:

Gradient: style Nose_red. The color will be different on another color Fur_Ball

39. Shapes Crecent Moon Tool


40. Move Tool turn the handle ... see the picture above to the right

41. Layer panel in the bottom : press on fx

42. Set check in Gausian Blur ...  Radius: 3 ... tick in Scale with object

43. Pencil Tool: tegn en mund som nr 1 her under_

44. Rounded rectangel Tool: make an Shape to a toth .. turn it with Move Tool see no 3 below the text

Style panel ... Category  Fur_Ball ... Style:Toth

45. Layer panel ... right-click ... Duplicate

46. Move the toths at the place with Move Tool

47. Shape Ellipse Tool ... make an Ellipse to a cheek

48. Style panel ... Category  Fur_Ball ... Style:rouge

Layer panel: right-click ... Duplicate and  move at the place in the other side 

Look at my finished picture

Now you can put a little life into the Fur Ball if you like ... you do it with white color and small ellipses or lines

and use Gausian Blur