Red flower

You can download the material here:


1. Create a new Document (image) 950 x 600

2. Create a new layer

3. Flood Fill Tool: fill with color (color does not matter here)

4. Go up in Filters ... Colours ... Procedural Texture

5. In what comes out: press the little triangle ... find Perlin Noise and press


6. In what appears: set settings as below and press Apply


7. Go up in Filters ... Lighting ... Set Type to Directional, and texture to 29. Press Apply

see the yellow fingers below:


8. Shape ... Rectangle Tool: Drag a rectangle around the image

9. Styles panel ... Styles category ... Red_flower ... press on Style1
10. Layer panel: right-click ... duplicate
11. Styles panel ... Styles category ... Red_flower ... press on Style2

Now the layer panel looks like here below:


12. Press the two Rectangel layers  ... right-click ... Rasterise

13. Press the bottom layer and pull the layer up over the other two layers

press on the layer ... right click ... Rasterise to Mask

14. Layer panel ... right-click ... Merge Down
15. Eraser Tool:  settings as below:
Erase it in the middle away in circular motions. Mine looks like this:

16. Layer panel: right click ... Merge Down

17. Go up in Filters ... Lighting ... set settings as below and press Apply:

18. Set Type to Directional, and Texture to 29. Press Apply

19. Open the Flower from the material ... Go up in Edit ... Copy

20. Go over to your work image again ... Go up in Edit ... Paste

21. Inpainting Tool, it is located just below the smudge in tools. Set settings as below:

22. Touch the four small dots and they will disappear. See the yellow fingers below

23. Move Tool: pull the flower up as in my finished picture

24. Eraser Tool settings as before. Erase away some of what goes outside the yellow

25. In the Layer panel ... set the layer blend to Multiply

26. Layer panelet ... right-click ... Duplicate

27. While you are there: right click ... Merge down

28. Move Tool: move the flower into place

29. Layer panel ... right-click ... Merge Down
30.Open the tube:  0_19f31a_b853f50a_orig

31. Copy / Paste to your image in the same way as before

32. Move Tool: make the tube smaller by grabbing a corner and pushing in towards the center

33. In Layer panel: set the layer Opacity 75

34. Layer panel: right-click... Duplicate
35. Layer panel: set the layer blend to Multiply
36. Layer panel: Select the two tube layers right-click ... Group

37. Open the last tube ... Copy Paste in the same way as before

38. Go up in Arrange ... Flip Horizontal 
39. Layer panel: set the layer Opacity: 75
40. Layer panel ... right-click ... Duplicate
41. Layer panel... set the layer blend to Multiply
42. In the Layer panel: Select the two tube layers right-click ... Group

My layers looks like this:

43. Select the two group layers with the girls

44. Layer panel: press eg at the bottom of the layer panel. set settings as here:


45 .. Put your name on the picture

46. Stand on top layer ... Merge Visible