Styles must be imported. If you do not know how to do. then you can see it here
1. Create new document 800 x 800 px

2. Shapes ... Ellipse Tool: make an ellipse the size you want your tomato


3. At the top of the Context bar:  Convert to Curves:

4. Styles panel: Category: Tomatos ... Tomato

Zoom in so you can better see what you are doing

5. Node Tool    ... Tap each side of the ball at the top of the Ellipse to create new balls

6. Press the center ball and press it down slightly. See picture below the text

7. Shapes: Triangle Tool: Make an triangel like here below

8. Shapes: Crecent Tool ... Make a crecent as you see below right on the ellipse

9. Layer panel: Select the layer with the Triangle and the Crecent,
and press at  fx in the bottom of layerpanel

10. In what comes out: tick Gausian blur and tick Scale with Object.

Set Radius as you thought it would look best. The larger the triangle the larger the Radius you will need

Mine looks like this
11. Pencil Tool:  ...  draw the leave in the top on the tomato.
Mine looks like this:
12. Styles panel ... Styles Category ... Styles: leave.
Put in place on the tomato



13. Select all layers with the tomato, light and leaves ... right click ... Group

The Bowl

1. Shapes ... Ellipse Tool: make an ellipse as you see below:


2. Create a new layer

3. Ellipse Tool. Make a new Ellipse at the top of the other, with a different color

Duplicate the layer, and close the layer


4. In the Layer panel: select one red Ellipse layers, and the bowl

5. Context bar  in Geometry ... pressat Substract. See yellow finger here below

mine looks like this:


6.Open the closed ellipse layer, and select it below and customize it with MoveTool: Like here below

7. Layer panel: right-click ... Duplicate and close the new layer

8. Layer panel: Select the layer below the closed layer and the layer with the bowl

9. On the top in Geometry ... press Substract.

10. Open the closed layer again

11. In the Layer panel: Select both ellipse layers

12. Styles panel ... Category: tomatos ... Bowl
13. Make an little Ellipse in the bottom of the bowl
14. Styles panel ... Category: tomatos ... Bowl

15. Pull the layer down under the layer with the bowl

16. In the Layer panel: tap the layer with the large ellipse at the top ... right click ... Duplicate

17. Press at Node Tool : 
Context Bar--- Convert to Donut ...

In what appears in the Context bar: set Hole Radius to 95

Mine looks like this:

Mine looks like this

18. Pencil Tool: draw light  on the bowl with white paint, or use Shapes

I have used a Crecent and an Ellipse. The last one I drew

19.  Press fx at the bottom of the Layer panel ... tick Gausian Blur set radius until it looks good

Remember to tick the scale with Object. Do it on all light layers for the bowl

Now it looks like this and you can put your tomatoes on the bowl

20. Pencil Tool: Draw shadow like here below

21. In the Layer panel: drag the layer down below the bowl ... release the mouse button on the

right side of the layer's small image, on the line between the layers.

Set the layer to Blend: Multiply

22. Press at the bottom of the Layer panel: fx ... tick Gausian Blur set radius until it looks good

Remember to tick the scale with Object.

23. Layer panel: press  at the Donut layer ... right-click ... Duplicate


24. Pencil Tool: Draw on the top part where the tomatoes are ... tap a color in the color panel


25. In the Layer panel: select the Donut layer and your drawn layer


26. Context bar: Geometry ... tap Substract

mine looks now  like this

27. In the Layer panel: move the layers into place as here below:

28. Save your Image