You can download the material here: 

Files in the material: 1 mask, 1 texture, styles ,, and 4 tubes

Styles category must be Imported. If you do not know how to do this you can see it at the link below:


Tuber Texture and the mask must be opened in Affinity Photo

1. Create a new image 950 x 575 pixels
2. Create a new layer

3. Flood Fill Tool ... fill the image with this color: 7DD1FE

4. Shapes ... Rectangle Tool: drag a rectangle around the image


5. Styles panel: Category Friends ... press Style1

6. Layer panel: right-click on the layer ... Rasterise

7. Go up iFilters ... Blur ... Gausian blur


8. Open the mask from the Material ... right-click on it ... Copy 

9. Go over to your work image again ... right click on it ... Paste

With Move Tool: adjust the mask to the image

10. Layer panel ... right click ... Rasterise to Mask: 

11. Layer panel ... right click ... Merge Down

12. Layer panel... right click ... Duplicate
13. Layer panel sæt laget til Blend Mode: Multiply
14. Tryk på MoveTool og Gå op i  Arrange ... Flip Horizontal
15. Layer panel ... right click ... Merge down
16. Layer panel ... right click ... Merge down igen ... du har nu kun et lag tilbage
17. Layer panel ... right click ... Duplicate
18. Layer panel ... right click ... Merge down and set the layer Blend: Multiply
19. Layer panel ... right click ... Merge down

20. Go up in Select ... Load Selection From File.

Browse to the selection:  Friends in the material

21. Go up in Layer ... New Adjustment Layer ... Brightness / Contrast ... set settings and press Merge:

22. Go up in Select ... Deselect

23. Open the image Texture ... right-click on it ... Copy


24. Go back to your work image ... right click ... Paste

With Move Tool: adjust the texture to the image

Set the layer Blend: Overlay

25. Go up in Filters ... Lighting: set type to Directional. Set all settings and press Apply

26. I Layer panel ... right click ... Merge down
27. Create new layer

28. Go up to Select ... Load Selection From File ... Browse to Selection: frame from the material

29. Flood Fill: fill the selection with this color: 030DFC

30. . Open the tube: with the girl ... Right-click on it ... Copy

31. Go to your work image ... Right-click on the image ... Paste

Move the tube into place, as in my finished picture


32. Insert the tube: with the cat, in the same way as before

Pull the tube into place

33. Put the tube with the buttons on and put in place

 34. In the Layer panel fin the bottom n ... press on fx  ... tick i Outher Shadow ... set tings as here below:

35. Write your text on the picture. I have written Friends and used text type Monterey BT size 30 pt

36. Put your name on the picture

37.Layer panel ... right click ... Merge visible

38. Export your image to jpg and save