Boy in cup

You can download the image of the boy on the link here below:

When you enter on the page then press Dovnload button out on the right side
Get Materials here:

1. Open the image with the Cup ... I call it working image 

2. Go up to Layer ... New Adjustment Layer ... Level Adjustment 

Set options as here .. under the screen for closure by Effect


3. Close effect down at the junction located in the top right corner in the effect menu.


5. Open the tube: vand ... go up in the Edit. .. Copy 

6. Go on your working image again ... go up in Edit Paste 

Put the water into the Cup 

7. In the Layerpanel ... right click ... Merge Down

8. Open the image with the boy in the bath

9. In the Layerpanel: right click Rasterise

10. Take selections brush tool   ...swttings in Tool options as here under:

11. Press at the boy's head, so he will be selected. It may be necessary to press more spots

12. Go up in Edit ... Copy

13. Go onto your working image again

14.Gå up in Edit ... Paste

15. Take MoveTool: ... thold of one of the squares in the corners and drag diagonally

toward the Center, to the boy, is the size you want for the Cup.

16. Remove arm with the Eraser Tool ... settings as here under::

Erase some of the arm to the left out, about as here under:
17. Take freehand selection Tool ... Feather 5 ... draw a selection on the arm to the right
18. Go up in Edit ... Copy
19. Go up in Edit ... Paste
20. Go up in Select ... Deselect
21. Go up in  Arrange ... Flip Horizontal.
22. With Move Tool: rmove  arm into place into the left side
23. Take SmudgeTool:   set options like her under:

Soften with Smudge where you can see that the arm is put on by the shoulder

24. In layerpanel... right-click ... Merge Down

25. Go up the top left ... press at the icon that you see my red arrow 

26. Press this icon that you see here below :

27. On the right side: put options as here below and push the shoulder down a bit


My looks now like this:


Be sure that you are standing on the layer with the boy

28. Go up in Layer ... New Adjustment ... White Balance Adjustment ... set options as here under:


29. Go up in Layer ... New Adjustment ... Brightness/Contrast/Adjustment

Set Brightness  to 21 and Contrast to 26 

30. Open tube: Skum

31. Go up in the Edit. .. Copy, and gå back on your working image

32. Go up in the Edit. .. Paste

33. Insert the tube in place of the boy ... view on screen here below

34. In the Layerpanel: set the layer Blend: Hardlight 

35. Open tube: vandperler 

36. Go up to  Edit. .. Copy, and go back on your working image 

37. Go up in the Edit. .. Paste as new layer 

38. Insert the tube into place ... may something out and Copy/Paste some of the water drops ... Move in place with MoveTool

39. In the Layerpanel: set the layer Blend : Overlay

Resize If you like.