You can download picture here:

Open the Picture in Affinity Photo

Start by zooming it 100%. You do this in View: look at the red dot

Go up in Tone Mapping Persona ... look red dot here below

Set settings as you like, or use mine as here under on screen:

If you use a different image, these settings may not be correct.

You can also use the preset that is located on the left side. Be careful not to exaggerate the effects

In the bottom of the Layer Panel ,  Adjustment: Brightness and Contrast:

 Set Brightness to minus 30% and press Merge


Go up in View studio ... set check in stock if you not can see it in the panel

Stock is now in the panel... ... press on Stock

Select Unsplash... is now in the panel so press on the small triangle... See Yellow finger

In the Search bar: write sky  and press RETURN on your keyboard... see red dot  over here

Now  you can see  the pictures

Press at the Image as you see I've put yellow finger by here below

You can choose another if you want it

Grab the picture and drag it onto your photo. Do not release the mouse button too fast


Zoom out so you can see the marking when you stay on the layer

Move Tool: push the image into all edges. Once done, you can zoom back in to 100% again

Now it looks like this

I have chosen to push my marking as here

In Layer Panel set layer Blend ... Overlay:
Write your name on your picture and save